HTC has officially announced another version of the One M8, this time without the metal, named the One E8. This brings us back to two years ago, when the HTC One X and S both featured polycarbonate backs, although the rubberised design has been dropped in favor of glossy red and white.

The HTC One E8 has already been leaked prior to this and HTC China even had a full page showing the device for a contest, which was removed promptly a few hours after. Looks like someone jumped the gun on the announcement once again and we had to wait another week for the official reveal.

Rumors have said this would be called the M8 Ace or possibly the M8 Vogue Edition, but HTC decided to go with the One E8. Not sure what the E stands for, but HTC has never been a big fan of giving their phone names any meaning, apart from the One that is their brand for all high-end devices.

Even though the HTC One E8 comes in plastic, it is still a premium device internally, running a quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage with microSD and the same battery as on the One M8. The only difference is on the back of the device, where HTC has replaced the Duo Camera with one 13MP rear shooter.

This seems like a weird announcement to make but in China the cheaper device could be a great seller, especially since the HTC Desire 816 did well in the country with 1 million pre-orders. HTC wants to be in the Chinese market as Android adoption starts to grow ever larger and this phone has the looks to beat Xiaomi and Oppo.

No word on the HTC One E8 release in the United States or Europe, we expect it to stay in Asia unless it becomes very successful.

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