HTC CEO Peter Chou said in the last earnings call he was working on “future projects” that included a smartwatch and various reports throughout the year have pointed to HTC building a smartwatch with Google Now functionality, now known as Android Wear.

This smartwatch will apparently be called the HTC One Wear and will follow the design philosophy the Taiwanese company brought to their smartphones. This sounds great, because the HTC One M8 and other smartphones from HTC are the best in the business with only Apple and Sony staying level.

That being said, we have not seen an actual photo of the HTC One Wear, even though the report from TK Tech News claims hands-on demos were shown off in Taiwan, revealing the operating system on the smartwatch, most likely Android Wear.

Showing hands-on demos is normally a sign the HTC One Wear is close to completion or might already be complete. The Summer is already upon us and we are now waiting on Google I/O to find a release date for Android Wear, this will open the floodgates for manufacturers to launch their smartwatches.

The HTC One Wear will be a competitor to the Moto 360, the smartwatch everyone is talking about alongside the iWatch. We are interested in Motorola’s smartwatch, it has the looks, Android Wear and mystery on how it will be powered. Saying it is a competitor basically means the One Wear will have a circular screen.

HTC has been on an uphill battle, trying to create high-end products that beat all the competitor while maintaining other ends of their business. The HTC One Wear will most likely be a well-priced device to compete against the LG G Watch and Moto 360, but we don’t want to see HTC cut any corners in the design or internals on the device.

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