The latest HTC One incarnation boasts the Android 4.4.2 and ably complemented by HTC Sense 6 software features.The New HTC One software  brings many special features and camera options.

It is reported that HTC One Sense 6 update is in the offing in the coming months and the HTC Sense 6 will be reaching HTC One Max and HTC One Mini users in the near future.

HTC Sense 6 is a collection of features above the stock Android edition which Google provides in its Google Play edition. The HTC One Sense 6 could carry some of the earlier features but it is not clear if all the features will make the jump over.

Apps and information can be accessed quite easily with motion gestures. It may not be the first smartphones which recognizes motions and gestures but it is one of the most spontaneous. The user needs to just pick the Smartphone to tap and swipe away to glory.

  • Double tap –> lock screen.
  • Swipe in from right –> Widgets
  • Swipe in from left –> Blinkfeed
  • Swipe up from bottom –> for Home
  • Swipe down –> voice dialing

HTC One users can use motions to answer incoming calls. The camera app is launched by holding the HTC One in landscape mode and pressing the volume button up and down.

Other features include ultimate Facebook experience courtesy the HTC BlinkFeed on HTC Sense 6. Users can also get Google+ and Twitter as well as a customizable list of news services and sources. Swiping left will get you to BlinkFeed and gestures can get you to the built in app. The new HTC One BlinkFeed looks more natural as compared to the BlinkFeed experience on HTC Sense 5 and HTC Sense 5.5.

Included in the HTC Sense skin is listing of toggles as well as shortcuts leading to the notifications pull down. Additionally HTC Sense 6 gives users the ability to tap to toggle and hold to jump to a particular setting as well as customize shortcuts.

The new HTC One will grace the stores of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint today and coming soon to T-Mobile and other carriers

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