The hanger door sector has had to make do with substandard and inefficient bi-fold doors & sliding openings since their concept was created but now there is another option to provide an entrance for your hangar. The hydraulic alternative has always been preferred by the rich, who have no financial constraints but now the cost of these type of doors has been dropped down to match with their competition. This makes them an option for aviation parks and other more thrifty purchasers looking to keep costs down. This is of course especially crucial in today’s current economic climate where pricing is a real issue and all outgoings are picked over.

If the manufacturer Invests in new knowledge, advances in engineering, and increases manufacturing effectiveness & volume, they will able to build one of the top spec hangar Doors at prices competitive with that of the lower grade bi-fold. The bifold has often been the choice of the majority and now because of enhancements the sector is expanding up. By going for the hydraulic entrance way over the bi fold one the client can gain from a reduction in building costs (because of the fact that the hydraulic door requires less headroom) and in-life service costs.

No matter whether a single industrial entry point, the replacement of a personal hanger door or the biggest of urban schemes, you no longer have to sacrifice quality. Security and headroom are dealt with too. Merely for the opportunity to save a couple of thousand pounds, basically, you can no longer afford to use a bi-fold on your unit.

For the large development contractor, the hydraulic door will, allow you to construct the correct sized building at a reduced cost by lowering the building height required to give the access size needed. The reduction is passed on to the client while delivering a stronger, more current and more aesthetically pleasing product – what more could you want!

Helicopter owners can now be happy that the same consistency of hydraulic technology you rely on for a safe flight, now protects your valuable equipmet and greatly improves the look of your building!

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