Considering that the 2012 election to win the Presidency is just over a year from now, it’s time to go through the volatile pack of Conservatives trying to be candidates who might try and win in the race against President Obama.

Mitt Romney looks more and more like a favorite for the 2012 election . A former popular Massachusetts governor and 08 Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney at the age of 63 remains boyishly charming, sharp, and brings an outstanding history to the table. On the downside, his Mormon religion and also the Massachusetts health care law (which is nearly the same as President Obama’s maligned health reform bill that just passed) might turn off enough voters away from Romney and to President ObamaÕs side.

Sarah Palin burst on the political landscape during the last presidential cycle, even though she did an amazing job in firing up the GOP faithful, she was also guilty of making a whole number of famously mocked errors in judgement. Unfortunately for the McCain campaign, these gaffes are tough to forget or to marginalize, and like Dan Quayle twenty years earlier, Sarah Palin continues to fight against the reputation she received, for being less than intelligent. That she walked away mid-term from her Governorship in Alaska also probably didnÕt win her a lot of political points. Overall, that sheÕll make a run for the 2012 election cycle seems less and less likely.

Mike Huckabee is one other popular name rolling around from the Republicans for the 2012 election. The former governor of Arkansas and another 2008 candidate that didn’t receive enough primary votes to win the partyÕs nomination, Huckabee was the GOP frontrunner for a time over the course of the 2008 campaign, even without the same deep pockets some of the other candidates enjoyed that year. The host of a show on FOX News, Huckabee remains loved by the GOP base and has also demonstrated his capability to run a powerful campaign. Successful fundraising stands out as the key for just a Huckabee Presidential run.

Newt Gingrich has become a name in the Republican party for over 2 decades, most famously during his tenure of Speaker of the House of Representatives during the Clinton Administration. Described as a visionary, well-educated and goal-minded, Gingrich’s personal life has been marred by a few extra-marital affairs and divorces as well as his polarizing status with the general populace. That being said, Newt Gingrich is also a fantastic party organizer even though he’s never run for President, his candidacy is looking more likely and more probably by the minute.

Ron Paul, now at the age of 75, would be the oldest among the likely 2012 election candidates, but he has made two other bids for the job, once as a Libertarian in 1988 and another time as a Republican in 2008. Unfortunately, a number of Ron Paul’s platform are considered Òout thereÓ for right-wing centrists. WhatÕs more, many of his supporters can be so rabid that they are more of a liability than an asset.

It is still too early to know without a shadow of a doubt who can emerge as the conservative choice for the 2012 election. Still, it will likely be an appealing election season for certain.

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