Ritoban of Income Instruments took the ultimate challenge last week with his new software tool. He did a live video of the software while he created a couple of websites (5 minutes each) no missing information, everything wide open for you to see. And than he waited 24 hours and showed you the results.

[Watch The 24 Hour Test Now]

So what were the results?

1. #1 Ranking on Google for Domain Exact Match.

2. Page #3 for primary keyword.

3. Over 40 subscribers to his mailing list (combined between sites)

4. Over $37 dollars in Affiliate sales revenue

This was an amazing true life demonstration. 100% of all traffic was organic and there was no backlinking, no article marketing, no paid ads. Google grabbed the site and ranked it that quickly. I have to admit, I was very impressed.

If you are interested in finding some solutions to the online money creation game, this course has a lot to offer. Now it might now promise to make you a millionaire over night, but it does promise to give you the tools to create some great income sources online.

[Watch The 24 Hour Test Now]

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