It has been known for quite some time that anxiety and stroke have some form of relationship. However it is the for the first time that a unassailable link has been revealed between high anxiety levels and incidence of Stroke. Latest studies have revealed that people with high levels of anxiety and depression have a 33% more risk of getting a stroke as compared to persons with lower levels of anxiety.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data more than 800,000 people in the US suffer from Strokes every year. Of these nearly 180,000 cases will be fatal. In other words an American is killed by Stroke, every 4 minutes.

Increased Anxiety

A study carried out under the authority of University of Pittsburg School of Medicine examined 22 years of records from 6000 participants who were aged between 25 to 74 years from the Federal Database. In-person interviews, medical exams and questionnaires and blood draws were conducted on the participants and all the participants agreed to these procedures voluntarily. The study extended through a period of several decades.

Maya Lambiase, the study author and a behavioral medicine researcher said, “Everyone has some anxiety now and then, but when it’s elevated and chronic, it may have an effect on your vasculature years down the road.

The study led to several alarming discoveries. For every increased standard deviation increase in anxiety, there was a 17 percent increase in stroke risk. The study also revealed that persons who are in a higher anxiety state often smoked and led a lethargic life style which also contributed to the risk of strokes.

Scientists have been suspecting a correlation between elevated anxiety levels and increased incidence of cardio vascular diseases. However this is the first time a correlation between increased anxiety levels and increased incidence of strokes have been established.

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  1. Lewis Goudy

    Several years ago I saw a peer-reviewed article saying that 300 ejaculations a year reduced risk of thrombotic stroke (95% of all stroke) by 40%. I suspect that result is related to the current finding.

  2. Rick

    Well there you go… One day I knew some scientist would tell me all of this anxiety wouldn’t be good for my health. I guess I’ll just turn it off this very minute and be anxiety free for the rest of my life.

  3. mat

    Read John 16,pslam 23
    Jesus is the prince of Peace.He says COME uunto me those burdened and heavy laidened ones, ………..He gives u peace
    MATHEW 13:27(last verse)

  4. mat

    Jesus Christ is a good medicine for anxiety,Faith in Him throuh the Bible verses of promise had given me hope and peace over worry,anxiety,depression.I was asked to take medicine by my doctor.But I went before my Creator God to help me and am freed by the grace of Christ.Medicines have temporay effect,but this chemicals have poisonous effect on your body.
    Read John 3:16 it is real

  5. Gail

    We deal with business stress and more specifically anxiety. The rocks really make a difference for our business clients and their families if you follow the directions. Best of luck

  6. Ann Locasio

    Two simple and hopeful things to do. Quit smoking. Several of my peers have transitioned to vaping which is a good start. And exercise! It’s great for so many things. I work with folks with mental health issues and those who exercise tend to recover and stay well, and get better physically too. Great for both stress and sleep. Exercise is the ultimate “killer app”. I do it with a partner almost every day; having someone there to do it with keeps me accountable so I don’t blow it off.

  7. Frank

    Wow!!!!!!!!!,,, Never would have guessed that people who have anxiety have more health problems ….and….. it only took decades of research to come to this conclusion. What will find out next? Smoking leads to yellow teeth? Lab rats have a 33% shorter life span than country rats?. I can’t wait for the next study to come out.

  8. Denise

    If only I could get enough sleep. My sleeping pill give me only, at most, 5 hours, leaving me to worry about one thing after another…..

  9. Rolf-Peter Wille

    …this study most certainly does increase my anxiety level…


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