A day after addressing the U.N. General Assembly, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi took the centre stage at iconic Madison Square Garden to summon NRIs living in the U.S. “I am fortunate that I am among my country’s people who live thousands of miles away and have and held aloft and boosted the country’s image. You have done wonders in the field of information technology,” he said “Modi, Modi” chants from NRIs echoed around the venue

“There may be some among you who may not have got the chance to vote in the Indian elections, but there will be many who would not have slept the day results came out.” He added “I am here to thank you in person.”

On the government, he said that he won’t let people down and will live up to their expectation. “I haven’t taken even a 15-minute vacation since I’ve taken the PM’s post. There are many expectations from the government. I can say with belief, this government will 100% succeed in meeting people’s expectations.”

Showing his faith in youth he said India has world’s largest youth population. “A country which has such capable fingers… a country whose youth which is committed to the development on its own…such a country has no need to turn back and look . I can say India is going to progress at a rapid pace, due to the capabilities of its youth.”

Modi emphasized on three strengths of India, Democracy, demographic dividend and demand and said India will become the new workforce in the world. Modi also spoke of India’s Mars orbiter mission and said Mangalyaan had reached Mars at a cost less than what it took to make Hollywood movies.

On Indian law he said that India struggling with laws that are of no use and he would feel happy if he ends one law each day.
Modi said people often asked him to talk of his “bada vision” (big vision).

“My reply is, I have reached here by selling tea. I am a very small person… I am small, and that is why I take interest in doing small work for small people. I am small that is why I have the intent to do big things for small people.” On river Ganga, he said, “Thousands of crores have been spent. People have told me Modi ji why are you getting involved in this tough work. If I had to do easy work, people would not have made me PM.”

People from all over the country gathered at Madison Square Garden to see P.M. Narendra Modi.

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