A sense of value is defined as how tendency concerning what courses of actions are allowed and how they should result. This will reflect how each person’s sense of what are right, wrong and what out to be. The value of an individual is all dependent on their environment and culture. Many children are raised to focus on race and culture. It should be asked what do parents have to do to make sure that their children are accepting of cultural values regardless of color, race and culture?

When you look at it, the world is so full of concerns regarding the physical attributes of people. Many are focused on the color of the skin. Then there are some who just generalized because of the religion. In short, people generalize their perception of individuals, whether they are true or false. Many cannot understand the concept of differences between man in terms of race and religion. Even if science has already proven beyond a reasonable doubt that we are all humans and share one DNA code

Parents, even before they become parents, should already sit down and talk about what they believe in. This is very important especially for family units with mixed religion and mixed race. They will have children who cannot be readily accepted by some because of their ‘difference.’

For parents to avoid this, they should already instill in their children the sense of acceptance. Learning to accept that all people are unique is the first step to accepting their neighbors and themselves. They must guide their child to avoid looking at the petty skin color and religion issues. If their children ask about the differences, then the parents should be truthful about it in an accepting way without any show of bias. Parents who show their dis concern about things that many feel are important will show the children that it is alright to accept people as they are. But they should also instill the laws to be followed which are there to help protect the lives of people.

Once parents show they are accepting, the children will just follow their lead and grow up to be accepting as well. Parents who not only talk but practice their beliefs in their everyday lives will be able to teach the children the right set of values which are favored by society as a whole.

They will grow up to be people who accept that there are differences all around, that no set of actions should rule one set while it would not be right for another, and they will grow up to believe that all people have a human right to live and be who they are within the boundaries of the law.

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