Risky rising tides and intense heat waves are being more frequent off late, as temperatures soar – giving inkling that humans are affecting and altering the climate around us, thus acting as harbingers to forthcoming days of concern.

In 2013, unprecedented heat waves swept across Australia; Europe too obtained a record breaking heat. California too followed suit, impending heat waves last year systemically worsened various drought affected areas as rainfall or snowfall rates plunged. Ocean cycles are being affected as temperature of waters in the seas is increasing by multiple folds.


The American cities are maimed by heat waves and climate changes. Similarly though, overall temperatures are on the rise in India. Tropical countries are most vulnerable to this impending warming burst! Rhetorically, climate change is moving the wheel of the Doomsday clock, thick and fast!

The world is ought to experience an unprecedented rise in temperatures. The rise links with the sweeping Ocean cycles in the Pacific. The nations and communities need to brace themselves up in order to respond to the systemic threats caused due to climate change. Papers published in science journals revealed that over the last couple of decades, substantial warming effects owing to pollution of greenhouse gases were avoided because of ocean currents and winds.

PDO Changes And Hiatus

However, as the trade winds across the Pacific slacken with time ahead, seas shall start absorbing lower global warming energy. Consequently, heat shall rise to the earth’s surface. Pacific Decadal Oscillation or PDO values are changing with accordance to phases and surface warming. Negative PDO phases cause faux pas or hiatus, according to which, land temperatures tend to rise less than expected whereas the sea temperatures soar compellingly.

Communities should be prepared to witness sharp hikes in temperatures, after the characteristic or intrinsic warming slowdown exhibited by negative PDO phases. The cause of immediate concern is how the spikes in temperature on the surface shall affect policy rebates, impending climate action and ways to notch clean energy.

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  1. Zomin8tor

    According to the LA Times, Al Gore bought a $9 million house in Montecito, CA. That’s on the COAST of California. If he’s so convinced of global warming and the coasts being swamped by the rising seas, why did he buy a house that will soon be under water due to global warming?? Can you say, “hypocrisy?” Sure you can. You are paying for that house through your carbon taxes. Nice.

  2. Jack Wolf

    Considering all the recent reports from different scientific organizations that indicate a sharp temperature rise is expected, I think we’re about to take another step upward on the temperature graph.

  3. SteveThomas39

    This is really The Onion right? The elegant prose and artistic perfection of this editorial is beyond the ability of my meager vocabulary to convey. Thank you sir. You are truly a master of your craft.

  4. mucholderguy

    Yessir, I was freezing this winter. And they call this “global warming”? Those so-called “scientists” must think we’re really stupid or something. It’s all just a liberal myth to raise my taxes and take away my car keys. And even if the climate really was changing, you can be darn sure no real conservative would have anything to do with it! That’s the real discrimination, against the real conservatives! It’s all over the television for those who take the time to watch it!

  5. Leonard Weinstein

    It turns out the heat wave in Australia was not really unusual. There were some hot regions and some not so hot, but overall it was not nearly an overall record. The continual misinformation published on this topic is breathtaking in its use of false information. Tropical countries are overall the least affected by the very small temperature rise in the last 150 years, and nothing out of the natural variability is happening in these low latitudes. The higher latitudes have had more warming, but mostly at night and winters, except the last couple of years. Even those have not exceeded natural variability, so the human caused global warming story has been shown for the over reaction it is. Now the experts say that the recent cooling is due to ocean current variability. Exactly what the skeptics said all along (natural variability dominates the small human effect globally). The local warming in cities is due to building of streets, buildings, and use of air conditioners, power for industry, etc., but it is localized to the cities, and has nothing to do with CO2. So far the only effect of CO2 demonstrated, is a very small contribution to warming, and a much larger aid to plant productivity.

    • inverse137

      I like how you spin it as “very small temperature rise.” But even YOU have to admit there IS a temperature rise now.

      The evolution of deniers.

      1) there is no such think as climate change
      2) there is climate change but it is “nautrual.”
      3) there is only very small climate change

      You really aren’t particularly bright, are you> And I don’t say that for your lack of understanding of science. I say that because you politicize a finding of science.

      • Roberto Roberto

        On a evangelistic leftest mission obviously a child in a sand box!

      • Leonard Weinstein

        Inverse 137, if you read my write-ups over the years (WUWT, Airvent, ScienceofDoom, etc.), you could not possible have made the comments you make. There are a few skeptics that are non-believers of any climate change, but they are not in the main stream as skeptics. There are also believers of extreme change such as you, who are totally ignorant of the facts. The facts are that climate is the change in average weather over time, and it has always changed. The question is whether the change is abnormal, and the answer is that human activity has likely made a small contribution to the 0.8 C increase over the last 150 years, but almost certainly less than 0.4 C, and the level is now not changing for 17 years, and may go down from here. The human contribution is small and not a problem. There is no evidence otherwise.

  6. Joseph Burke

    We should all kill ourselves! THAT will fix global warming! You first!

    • Roberto Roberto

      Hey, I used to know Mildred Burke, the lady wrestler, You related?

  7. Mary Graves

    Global warming = 34 day of snow cover and below 0 temps. Amazing huh?

    • inverse137

      not as amazing as how utterly inept you are with science.

      Explain to me how winter disproves climate change? ( i know I am going to regeret asking this….)

      • Mary Graves

        How about you explain it to me, oh wise one who knows all.

  8. Roberto Roberto

    Trees and plants love CO2 and in their appreciation they give us O2. Someone besides me, tell these pseudo scientists to go pick their noses on some island in the pacific, stay there and shut up about CO2 and global warming. I’ll take the O2 they can go sniff an exhaust pipe somewhere.

      • Roberto Roberto

        Road or Roads ? The Idea here was not to teach organic chemistry, but to get the trolls to emerge from the barnyard droppings with their dribble.


    I sure hope we have some heat waves last summer was well below normal on the east coast as is this winter . If we are experience global warming we need some more I’m freezing…

  10. west129


    Inserting ‘not’ into the head line makes it just a true: Intense heat waves and global warming may not cause unprecedented rise in temperatures this year. We will find out by the time the year has ended. But who knows. Maybe the may is actually the month of May. But who cares as long as we can use the anthropogenic as justification?


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