The International Space Station which has just got an extra lease of life and will be in existence till 2024 has undergone an orbit raising maneuver. The orbit of the International Space station has been raised by 2.15 kilometers.

According to Mission Control Center, the orbital raising maneuver will be carried out by firing the thrusters of the Progress M-21M cargo spacecraft which is docked with the ISS. The thrusters are scheduled to be fired at 7:45 GMT and will stay operational for 566.8 seconds.

The firing of the thrusters will raise the altitude of the International Space Station to 415.2 kilometers. The maneuver was necessary to ensure better docking condition for the Soyuz TMA-13M spacecraft which is to blast off from Baikanur space center in Kazakhstan on May 28 to bring a new crew to the ISS.

The Progress M-21M is docked with the International Space Station on November 30 in an operation which envisaged a new approach in the automatic mode. The orbit raising measures is scheduled to raise the orbit of the Station by 2.15 KM.

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  1. Aaron

    Wouldn’t they need to do two separate burns? One at the Perihelion and one at the Aphelion?


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