While we are looking at the new Windows 8.1 update rolling out, It would be interesting to know what other Microsoft products have for the users — The Microsoft Internet Explorer. Although the browser doesn’t have much of the market share in terms of browsers, the Redmond giant is going to roll it for the Windows Phone 8.1.

Its would not be surprising if we say that this browser is coming with a InPrivate browsing feature, Although every other browser, including Firefox and Chrome, have it, Microsoft shed no words for the delay. Internet Explorer 11 has not disappointed consumers with low bandwidth, the company has introduced a nod for them and named it as High Savings Data Compression Mode. This mode will reduce the data usage upto 60-80%, by just loading the elements your looking out for. Lastly, Microsoft has launched new voice commands for Windows Phone 8.1, along with it they have also launched a fantasizing new reading look, which gives you pleasure reading your articles on your smart phone as your reading them on Kindle.

With the launch of Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft is trying to make all users satisfied and delighted, either they would be using 7inch tab or 28inch all-in-one. According to the type of device(either touch screen or mouse) browser automatically adjust itself and adapt the type size, number of tabs have to be shown and permit full-screen or regular browsing. Other new features which are introduced are specifically for developers for their major pain area simplified testing of older version if Internet Explorer along with enhanced debugging. At last Microsoft revealed FishGL, an updated version of its classic aquarium screen which will run as 3D WebGL graphics benchmark on Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1.

The latest upgrade for the Internet Explorer will be landing on the April 8th this year. Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users will be automatically notified to download this new package from the company.

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