Flu virus is reportedly taking a toll on several Iowa care centers infecting almost the entire population of the elderly residents there. The winter has shown up as an unfavorable season for the residents, family members, as well as staff members of the Johnston-based Bishop Drumm Retirement Center. Flu virus has infected almost all the elderly living there at once.

Administrators of the center said that all the residents and employees have been vaccinated, and the staff has been adopting careful sanitary measures. Despite the preventive measures, 35 residents of the 150-bed nursing home have been infected with the flu. They have reported having developed flu symptoms including cough, aches, fever and even pneumonia in the worst affected candidates. Many of the residents had to be rushed to hospitals, but there has been no case of death.

With the number of deaths due to flu constantly increasing, this season is turning out to be one of the worst affected ones. The state’s Flu expert, Dr. Patricia Quinlisk commented that this year, there have been at least 32 Iowa centers that have been severely affected with the disease. She failed to comment on the exact number of deaths but said that this year the number of deaths has increased this year as compared to that recorded in previous years. Moreover, the elderly population has been witnessed to be the ones to receive the biggest set-back in being easily affected.

Statistics collected from the state health department reveal that 64% of the population of Iowa that had to be hospitalized due to flu consisted of senior citizens. The high percentage is despite the fact that the 65 plus aged people account for only 16% of the total Iowans. Apart from this, the data also highlighted that 15% of the total flu case comprised of people below 25 years age.

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