Today Consumer Reports released their Top 10 List for tablets.

The iPad 2 32G/3G topped the list with the iPad 2 32G/WiFi in second place. With the original iPads taking third and fifth places. The Motorola Xoom was the only non-Apple tablet in the top five, finishing 4th.

So why is Apple still overpowering the competition? Simple, it comes down to cost versus storage capacity. Apple also received high marks for it screen in both clarity and color. Not to mention the form factor used by Apple leads to a better customer experience. Apples quality marks also were slightly higher than the rest of the competition.

Some tablets that had some disadvantages included: The HP Slate 500, for use of loses  Windows 7,  BlackBerry Playbook, ships with no email support, and requires that you be tethered to a BlackBerry smartphone  3G connectivity, RIMs WiMax, will not support 3G only 4G.

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