CUPERTINO – Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is preparing for the release of iPhone 6, and ready to preview its extremely expected iOS 8 at the WWDC. The annual conference will take place on June 2nd and will begin at 10 AM PST (1 PM EDT).

The company is planning on revealing more information about the iOS and OS X’s updates and with this occasion, many skeptical users who are afraid that the iOS 8 will support their current Apple phones, tablets or portable media players, or before making the software upgrade, they’ll be forced to upgrade their hardware.

Currently, the iPhone 4, the iPod touch 5G and the iPad mini 1 run on the iOS 7, but every time the OS receives a new update, Apple is no longer supporting one or two previous models. And the owners of these devices want to know if the iOS 8 will support them.

If we go back in the past, when the iOS 7 was released, it was supported by the oldest model – the iPhone 4 which was withdrawn later from important markets, although this version of the operating system received many updates, and the smartphone was running perfectly.

The next phone in line to be supported by the iOS 8 is the iPhone 4S, according to MacWorld, and the newer models will obviously be upgraded to the latest version of OS. The iPhone 6 will already come installed with iOS 8.

As for the iPad models supported by the iOS 8, it’s 100% certain that the iPad 3 will get the support. But the older generations will be left without support. The two mini versions of the iPad, which are still attractive to buyers, will probably run the iOS 8.

In terms of iPods, the fifth generation is supported by the iOS 7, while the latest version is expected to be released soon. It is possible that Apple will reveal the new model, which will surely run the iOS 8, but there is a possibility for the fifth generation to run the latest OS also.

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