Bad news for iPhone lovers, rumors are that Apple’s iPhone 6 may get a price hike of $100 as company is trying to extend its profit. Now the next generation iPhone may cost around $300 with contract, which may drill deep into consumers pocket.

“Our checks indicate Apple has started negotiating with carriers on a $100 iPhone 6 price increase,” wrote Misek. “The initial response has been no, but there seems to be an admission (by wireless firms) that there is no other game-changing device this year. We think Apple might be able to get at least some of the increase, with the additional costs split between the carrier and consumer.”

“A $50 ASP (average selling price) increase would offset most of the negative iPhone 6 gross margin impact and remove a major bear argument (on Apple’s stock).”

Also in another reports Apple will be manufacturing two smartphone models one having a screen size of 4.7 inches and the other with a 5.5 inch screen. The latter will be launched under phablet category. Although the difference in their price is still unknown,but by manufacturing 5.5 inch phone Apple, the company is going to disobey Late Steve Jobs words stating a phone must be operated with one hand and should fit in the customer’s pockets.

While other companies are focusing on decreasing the price, Apple is probably taking another path by increasing the price. This comes when premium selling smartphones in US the largest iPhone consumer has negative selling slope as people in countries like US are focusing more on mid-end phones. It is  possible that price hike may decrease the sales  but company  can still  end up with profit. In past also Apple increased the prices of iPad before it was placed in the shelves, we are expecting same with the iPhone 6.

Above all consumers and tech gigs are still very excited to get their hands on the next generation device. According to a survey iPhone 6 may be a bigger hit than iPhone 5.



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