Apple received complaints from users whose phones were hacked by a guy named “Oleg Pliss”, who sent them a message in which the users are warned about their devices being locked, and to use them again, they have to pay 100 dollars.

This problem really irritated the Apple iPhone owners because their devices are first locked, then they are required to pay the ransom. The users complained on Apple’s official support forums, saying that a hacker who calls himself “Oleg Pliss” is demanding a ransom of one hundred dollars, or else, the devices will remain unlocked.

A user named “veritylikestea” said that the hacker wanted the money to be sent via paypal, on this address:, if he wants to use his device again. “I am not aware of having been exposed to malware or anything else, although I did recently purchase some new apps – perhaps one of these has something to do with it? I don’t know. I am not sure what avenue has been used to reach my devices”, wrote veritylikestea on Apple’s forum.

Analysts believe that the hacker uses the Find My iPhone app to lock the smartphones and to send those messages in which he demands to be paid. Until now, users from the UK and Australia have been affected by this hacker, although he’s not the first one who hacks into Apple’s database.

A weak ago, eBay was attacked by hackers who got their hands on users’ log-in information and the website representatives recommended the account holders to change their passwords.

According to David Emm, Digital security expert at Kaspersky Lab, these hackers are getting access to Apple ID credentials though phishing e-mails that target Apple IDs, and these scams have been happening for years.

When a hacker uses the credentials to access, for example, an Apple iCloud account, he enables the “’Find My iPhone” option, to set a passcode that prevents other people (who “find” the lost/stolen phone) from accessing the data that is saved on that smartphone.


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