The Iran nuke talks have again hit a rough patch with Iran refusing to baulk and include its ballistic missiles into the ambit of the negotiations. It seems that both the parties are trying to extract the maximum political advantage from the talks. Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has hinted that difficult days are ahead for Iran-Sextet in Vienna.

Iran’s Foreign Minister has hinted that the talks between Tehran and the six major powers are heading into tough negotiations in Vienna. The top negotiator on Monday said that the team has the full support of the Iranian nation and rallies across the country to mark the 35th anniversary of the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution on Tuesday will be support for nuclear negotiations.

Javad further added that the negotiating team will be leaving Vienna of February 17 to take part in the celebrations of the Islamic Revolution. The team could also be returning for further discussions with its ruling elite.

Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council – Russia, China, France, Britain and the US along with Germany will hold the next level of talks in Vienna from February 18. The meeting will be discussing the implementation of the interim nuke deal which was finalized between Iran and the six major powers in the city of Geneva in November last year. The deal envisages a series of CBM on the part of Iran which includes limiting certain aspects of the nuclear program in return for some relief in sanctions. The deal also paves way for the release of $4 billion of Teheran’s oil revenue.

Javad said, “This reality is that Westerners and the Americans set aside their years-old claims and broke their red lines on [Iran’s] nuclear activities,”

Zaraf further added that US and the Western powers has accepted Iran’s right to enrichment primarily due to the tough stand taken by the nation and its people. Zaraf quickly warned that hawkish statements from the US officials will have no effect but only increase the distrust of the Iranian nation.

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