Israel has upped the ante and has increased the pitch of aerial assault and is targeting hundreds of potential targets in the Gaza Strip, something which it calls Hamas Command center. If it is true then does Hamas has so many Command centers? Israel has changed its tact and is now attacking the houses of Hamas leaders since it suspects the improvised rockets are stored in these homes.

It all boils down to one bitter truth – We have two sides , one an ally of the U.S. while the other is viewed as holy warriors but major western nations regard as a terrorist organization. Bitter irony, it was peace which led to Israel sacrificing the Gaza in hope that Palestinians and Israel could coexist in peace. Experts had even predicted Palestine to become the next Middle East tiger economy.

However Israel’s endeavors were not reciprocated and instead Hamas vowed never to end its armed rebellion and continued to spit hatred and sought to wipe off Israel from the face of the Earth. As the rockets continue to rain on Israel sending residents to flee to bomb shelters, Israel continues to supply food water and electricity to Gaza.

Hundreds of rockets continue to fly towards Israel as the Iron Dome goes on to its work by intercepting these missiles. Israelis are in a nervous state but must have by now got used to the rigors.

Here is the eventual and depressing truth of this tale: If Israel was to lay down its arms tomorrow; Israel would be obliterated. But, if Hamas lays down its arms tomorrow, there would be peace.

There are lessons to be learnt and disturbing questions to be answered from the latest escalation of hostilities- What would happen if hundreds of missiles started to rain on Israel to overwhelm its much touted Iron Dome? What will Israel do- Protect its citizens or its vast arsenal of military hardware and logistics?

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