Israel suspected that Hamas terrorist were from organizations run by UNRWA (UN Relief and Works Agency). But State Department spokeswoman Maie Harf said that this does not justify the attacks against UNRWA in Gaza war.

“We were appalled by the attacks that hit UNRWA facilities,” Harf said. “But also at the same time,” Harf continued, “the suspicion that militants are operating nearby does not justify strikes that put at risk the lives of so many innocent civilians. Israeli authorities say they’re investigating. We expect these to be investigated thoroughly and promptly, and we’ll continue pushing them to do so.”

Children of Gaza have finally made a return to school after the 50-day war with Israel in which more than 2100 Palestinians were killed, and hundreds of buildings were destroyed. Gaza Education Ministry official Ziad Thabet said that the opening is for 230,000 1st to 12th graders of public schools and other 200,000 students going to schools run by United Nations.

Early Sunday morning most of the city streets were again crowded up with parents and guardians going to leave their siblings to schools. Even after so many efforts by the government, the schools were still severely destroyed, there were holes in the ceiling and many of the walls were partially or entirely collapsed. Their were tears in the eyes of the students, and teachers both as some of their fellows died. In some schools, students pasted stickers of their collogues that died.

“I’m not as excited coming to school as I was in the past,” said student Tamar Toutah, “I feel that something is missing. I asked about my fellow students, but some were killed or wounded.” “I’m not as excited coming to school as I was in the past,” said student Tamar.

UNICEF official June Kunugi said, “Investing in education is an investment for the future, .” She further continued “Without increased support and commitment to their education and protection, an entire generation in Gaza could be lost.”

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