Oramed, an Israeli company is racing to become the first company to introduce the  insulin pill. It inched one step closer to this goal when it announced on Thursday the successful completion of a small mid stage test.

Oramed, is planning a larger mid-stage study in the third quarter after the successful completion of the mid stage test which has reportedly met all the primary and secondary endpoints.

Type Two Diabetes also known as Insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus is a stage where the Pancreas is unable to produce insulin and the patient is administered external insulin. However it has been revealed that early supplementation of external Insulin is helpful in Curbing disease progression is thus vital to improving the quality of life of the patient. Therefore the administration of insulin at earlier stages of Type Two Diabetes is a part of the standard treatment regimen for the disease. However the danger is the reluctance of patients to include inject-able insulin as a part of their daily routine especially since the symptoms is not very dramatic to alter the normal life style. Timely administration of insulin can slow down the deterioration of the disease by providing extra insulin to the body and allowing pancreatic reprieve.

Orally administered insulin has the prospective benefit of improved patient acquiescence at this crucial stage. Oral insulin has the added benefit of mimicking insulin’s natural location and gradients in the body by first passing through the liver before entering the bloodstream.

First-pass metabolism of the oral insulin in the liver releases physiologically significant insulin concentrations for systemic circulation and there is no occurrence of hypoglycemic episodes. This is in sharp contrast to inject-able insulin which can often lead to fatal side effects.


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  1. Coffeechocaholic

    Third paragraph “type”-o Type Two? I believe you mean Type One is insulin dependent.

  2. Bob

    “This is in sharp contrast to inject-able insulin which can often lead to fatal side effects.” One of the most inaccurate statements I’ve ever seen.


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