Coca – cola has been mentioned numerous times on nutrition blogs and other major nutrition sites as being a healthy treat hence a snack idea. The mentions were explaining how big food corporations carry out their activities behind the scenes in an effort to lay out their products in a positive perspective. However, more often than not, third parties play a great role into achieving this positivity.

That said Coca-Cola spokesman, Ben Sheidler said that they work closely with a network of dietitians but could not reveal how much they pay these experts. According to the Coca – Cola Company this is a public relations strategy whose main theme was “Heart Health & Black History Month”.

It is still debatable whether coke is a healthier snack

Many more companies, the likes of Kellogg and Common Mills have embraced other strategies with more emphasis on the offering continuous education for their dieticians, funding nutritional researches more intensively and provision of newsletters to wellness professionals.

Though the simple message of cike being a healthier snack according to professor Alice Lichtenstein of nutrition science and policy,other products that have been under the scrutiny of dieticians and which have been recommended for healthier eating alongside coca – cola are Frito-Lay and Tostito chips by  PepsiCo Inc.

It is expected that many more people will embrace coca – cola even with as the campaign of its new brands gets heated by day. The campaign scripted Prasoon Joshi and his creative team at McCann Erickson will be showcased in key channels alongside an TouTube sharing platform that will be done by coca – cola India.

Coca – cola has indicated its desire to help people in making choices and decisions that are considered worth of their well-being. Robyn Flipse is the main sposor of coca – cola posts and has worked with the American Beverage Association and coca – cola for many years. That said she completely refuted the idea that sugary drinks should be held accountable for obesity.

However, a group of dietitians has called for a through disintegration between dietitians and business

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  1. Geebo Harris

    In what way is this debatable? Coke is sugar water with chemicals added – it’s about as healthy as drinking antifreeze. Want a healthy snack? Get some San Pellegrino and squeeze in a lime.

    Besides, it’s already come out that Coca Cola Corp. was paying bloggers and nutritionists to try to promote Coke as a “healthy snack”.


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