Scientists from Japan have unveiled the world’s first Android-powered newscasters, named Kodomoroid and Otonaroid. They are well-designed Android machines with female appearance, having good sense of humor to boost up their language skills.

At the recent press event, former astronaut Mamoru Mohri, presented Otonaroid. It successfully managed to accept the paper with its fingers coated with synthetic skin. The robot has even got a business card that reads “science communicator.”

These robots have got a good communications skills and gesture to interact with people. At the other hand, Kodomoroid delivered news of an earthquake and an FBI raid that we find is really impressive.

Both these android robots will be appointed as guides to work at Tokyo’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, and also interacting with visitors in order to receive data that will be highly useful to study human reactions to the machines.

“Until now, you could only see androids in research labs, so having them as permanent museum exhibits is an advance. Their hands move and their faces have move natural expressions,” says Hiroshi Ishiguro, an Osaka University and Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) robotics.

Noticeably, Otonaroid seemed to be requiring an amount of rewiring before getting started with her new role as the museum’s science communicator. But Ishiguro insisted that both the robots are intelligently and equally eligible to amaze museum visitors with their conversations skills, and will work as an extensions of their own body.

Now this in going to be very interesting to observe the line between humans and machines continued to blur, and how Ishiguro’s Android newscaster will perform closely as human counterparts.

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