JD.com, one of China’s top online direct sales companies, has begun taking pre-orders of Microsoft’s Xbox One console. The gaming machine will not be released in China until September of this year.

JD.com has apparently made an agreement with Microsoft in order to accept pre-orders on the Xbox One console. Users of JD.com’s Mobile QQ  and Weixin entry points will have an exclusive privilege to pre-order the gaming console between July 28 and July 30, announced the site.

“Launching Xbox One sales in China through  JD.com ‘s Weixin and Mobile QQ entry points underscores the strength of these platforms with young and sophisticated Chinese consumers,” said Ms. Shuang Du, Vice President of  JD.com and in charge of the IT and Digital Business Unit.

“Through our partnership with Tencent, Chinese consumers are increasingly able to enjoy the JD.com  shopping experience directly on China’s most popular mobile communications platforms. We will continue to focus on providing the most convenient channels for Chinese consumers to purchase authentic products through their mobile devices.”

On July 31, both the actual JD.com website and its exhibition booth at the ChinaJoy Expo in Shanghai will also begin to take pre-orders on Microsoft’s Xbox One.

This agreement between Microsoft and JD.com will make the Xbox One the first gaming console to be available for purchase through an authorized sales channel in China since 2000, Market Watch reported.

Also concerning Xbox One sales in China – China Telecom, which is the country’s smallest wireless carrier, announced on Friday that it will be selling Microsoft’s gaming console when it is released in September of this year.

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