Joan Rivers’ daughter has sued the New York medical clinic in which her mother was admitted for treatment for days before she died. Rivers’ daughter reportedly has filed a malpractices lawsuit against the clinic. She alleged that the doctors who were attending her clicked photos of themselves with the celebrity as she lay sedated, and her vital signs continued to fall at alarming levels.

Rivers, 81, stayed at the New York hospital for one week before she passed away. She was taken to the clinic on August 28 as doctors reported that she was suffering from a loss in the supply of oxygen to her brain. Physicians at Manhattan’s Yorkville Endoscopy center had been engaged in examining her throat and vocal cords.

Jr. Rivers claimed that the doctors at the hospital were not capable enough to deal with the serious airway obstruction condition that her mother suffered from. She alleged them of failing to detect the plummeting vital signs when they were in charge of taking care of her. In addition, the lawsuit also condemns that the OPD allowed an unauthorized doctor to perform a procedure on her mother twice and that too without her consent. The doctor had performed trans-nasal laryngoscopy on Rivers, a procedure that essentially requires the passage of a scope into the larynx through patients’ sinus tracks.

During the second attempt of the operation, the doctor continued with the treatment even as Rivers’ blood pressure and heart rate fell steeply. Her airway had become too constricted for her to be able to continue breathing. The lawsuit also alleges that at the time, another doctor used his cellphone to take a selfie of himself with the celebrity in the middle of the procedure.

The lawsuit claims that the doctor who performed the laryngoscopy left the room as Rivers’ struggled to breathe. At the time, other doctors were present in the room but the one to perform the operation left because she was not authorized to do so.

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