Today world has many authors who from the age of renaissance trying to spread the glory of the truth and enlightenment to the world. The world is always being acknowledging these writers in several ways and they are actually giving you a best that they can understand with their power of intelligence. This is true that Joel Rosenberg is a renowned author of eight bestselling novels. His marvelous way of inscribing and describing a concept, he gifted the world “Epicenter”. Here it is represented as an eerily prophetic concept.

The evaluation is done over Iraq after Saddam or Christianity after radical Islam and Israel after Arafat is being portrayed vividly. In fact there are various explanations which are actually giving you a best possible explanation for understanding future and the possibilities that can happen eventually through this world. The experience and the events that are being observed in these countries are being considered as the facts for it.

You can face multilayered question everywhere by everyone on Earth. For every reason behind the foremost or first way to reach the answer of the question is to stop the fighting, struggling and suffering but help to thrive spiritual warfare, political, amidst physical well being of Israel. But still the point is why for Israel. The core reason behind it is the command of god in the entire Bible we must come forward and pray for this land.

Here we are hoping to join everyone in this process of love and commitment for the State of Israel from our side. This is true that prayers are always good, with a reason or without a reason. It does not matter whether you have faith or not still you can pray in the form of offering to God. Here the global peace and refinement we are actually praying every time. Still people have questions about why to Pray for Israel.

So it does not matter whether we will be fruitful or not but on the other hand we must figure out the ways to get all the things in a proper situation and that can only be done with the help of the community. For that to build a community we are going pray and ask the whole world must come under this umbrella so that every single voice can be reached and signify.

Thus it is said to be the land of love and God and we must protect it so that we get the good blessings of the all mighty. Here we must go for the right direction of the truth. We should deliver the truth that is altruistic in nature. So we must believe in the universal welfare and go to make peace all over the world. When you take Jewish Evangelism envisages the strength to the defenders of our Holy Land and grants them the crown of victory and places them in to the salvation to bring chastity. We expect the inhabitants must also rest in peace in your land. We are getting united for Israel. If you are wondering that getting united is the only way to save the world.

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