Last month was Earth’s warmest June since 1880, when people first began recording the temperature. This will mark the second month in a row to set a world-record temperature, said the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The temperature for the month of June was a full 1.3 degrees higher than the 20th century average. The worldwide average was 61.2 degrees Fahrenheit, while 20th century average was 59.9 degrees.

This past May, the record was broken with a worldwide temperature of 59.9 degrees. This is a full 1.33 degrees higher than its 20th century counterpart.

“The warmth was fueled by record warm ocean temperatures,” said Jessica Blunden, a climate scientist with the NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center. Both the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean reached record-high temperatures, or were much warmer than the average for the month.

The oceans broke a monthly heat record of 62.7 degrees. NOAA climate monitoring chief Derek Arndt noted that it was the hottest the oceans have ever been, regardless of the month.

According to NOAA, June marked the 352nd month that the global temperature was above average. The heat has made 2014 tied with 2002 for the third hottest year on record.

“Since the beginning of 2014, every month except February has been among the four warmest,” explained Blunden.

Although June broke world records, it did not break any records in the US. Last month was the 33rd hottest June on record in the US, noted the NOAA.

It will interesting, if not a bit scary, to see just how many more temperature records 2014 breaks.


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  1. Angie B

    Crystal clear visibility makes beautiful sunrises and sunsets across the USA because July is about to be anointed as the coolest July on record EVER !!!

  2. jtmkinsd

    At some point all one can do is shake your head and marvel at the persistence in agenda-driven reporting. “World-record”? Really? It’s NEVER been warmer globally than this month? Right now? A small disclaimer at the top of the story about record keeping is funny at best. For instance, when did we ACCURATELY, by scientific standards, begin keeping records of “global” temperatures? Take your Chicken Little act somewhere else bub…we’re all booked up with crazy right now.

    • Hardcore Realist

      You deniers all use the same talking points. Yes, we do have plenty of accurate temperature measurements going all the way back to 1880. Those measurements include far more than a few thermometer readings; they rely on the integration of huge masses of data from many sources.
      By the way, what makes you so smart that you can contradict all the scientists who have spent their lives working on these issues? How many years have you devoted to researching these issues?

      • jtmkinsd

        *sigh* cite a source…any credible source, that says we had reliable temp data on a global scale before the 60’s…that should keep you busy for a while…lol

      • jtmkinsd

        I ask for a credible source and you point to a propaganda rag…lol Tell me…what does this statement mean to you? “All series represent anomalies (°C) from the 1881–1980 mean (horizontal dashed line) and have been smoothed with a filter that reduces variations on timescales less than ~50 years.”

      • Hardcore Realist

        You of course are welcome to your opinion of IPCC AR5, but it is not shared by the scientific community. The caption that you do not understand is really quite obvious to anybody with some knowledge of science. The fact that you do not understand it, or think that a knowledgeable person might not understand it, serves to demonstrate how little you know about science.

      • jtmkinsd

        LOL…I know exactly what it means…and in the real world it means the data sucks so we’re going to massage them a little to soothe our doubts. The fact you resort to saying I just don’t understand the “science” simply confirms the fragile nature of your religion…just takes a few facts to expose the weak nature of the conclusions. I wonder what your opinion of oxygen isotopes are and what they tell us about “global warming”?

      • Hardcore Realist

        Your interpretation of the sentence is incorrect. Again, you’re welcome to your opinion, but again, the vast majority of scientists would disagree with you.

        “just takes a few facts to expose the weak nature of the conclusions.”

        Facts that you have not presented for rebuttal.

        “I wonder what your opinion of oxygen isotopes are and what they tell us about “global warming”?”

        Gad, you truly do have problems with English! I think that you meant to write about the ratios of different oxygen isotopes in a sample. They’re used to determine temperatures at the time the sample was laid down. They’re what’s called a “proxy”.
        But since you like to offer question-challenges, I’ll offer one of my own: if the radiative output of the sun were to decrease by 2%, how much would the temperature of the earth change? It’s a question any undergraduate climatology or physics student can answer. Can you?

      • Hardcore Realist

        Works every time — just challenge ’em to prove their knowledge of basic science, and the deniers go running off with their tails between their legs.

  3. Angie B

    Last century had a 100 years. This century is missing 86 years. You have got to be stupid to be comparing +100 to to -86. Are you warmer’s that desperate? Really?

    • Hardcore Realist

      They’re not comparing the 21st century with the 20th century. They’re comparing average global air temperatures for June for the last 130 years, finding that this year’s values were the highest in the set.

      • Angie B

        OMG! Good of you to bite, LOL.

        In one part of the globe it was warm this year in June compared to the most recent ice age when one June on the whole globe it got quite cold when no creatures drove petrol fuel powered cars.

        You may want to look into getting thicker glasses to see the 5 billion year truth you’ve blurred.

      • Hardcore Realist

        So you know climatology better than the thousands of climatologists who have devoted their lives to studying the phenomenon? In what other fields are you the World’s Greatest Authority?

      • Angie B

        Really, are you truly as lemming stupid as your verbal regurgitation chatter indicates?

        So you know climatology better than all the obvious 5 billion years of empirical evidence (which is not a phenomena)? In whatever field you are the world’s greatest authority, wouldn’t it be a good idea for you to get a refund on all your tuition money?

        Be mindful, if you graduate, it may not be enough. You may not be blessed with all the tools. All you can do is keep trying.

        This may be a good moment to make this my last chat toward your childish reasoning. It would appear time is more valuable than you warrant. Try to enjoy life before you run out of electrons.

        Oh, one more thing that you may not know you continually seem to miss about you. Just a word of cautionary wisdom in passing, “be cognizant of how others perceive your chattery presentation. At some level your gossip becomes your reputation”

        “Bye, good luck!”

      • Hardcore Realist

        I’ll take that as an admission that you have no education in science.
        You rely on insults because you don’t have a case. That’s the way it is with deniers.

  4. NormanAllen

    This story is refutable on two levels: 1. Sen. Inhofe thinks global warming is a hoax. 2. It is not in the Bible. Hence, I go with Ignatius Loyola, the founder of Jesuits, a soldier of god, (the faith of the current pope) who declared to the doubters of the church that “if your eyes see the milk to be white but the church says it’s black, believe the church, not your eyes”….I am keeping my tongue in my cheek, firmly on this one…


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