Kano Kit has launched an all new package worth $150 for kids to learn everything about computers. This new kit features a next gen credit card sized computer – Raspberry Pi, which helps kid to learn about computers and also about programming. It comes bundled with all the required objects for kids to have fun and learn new things.

This $150 package from Kano Kit includes a revolutionary Raspberry Pi Model B, Wi-Fi adapter, wireless keyboard and mouse, case, SD card, speakers, power cable, HDMI cable and the required softwares. As we can the box, itself is a complete package and offers everything right in the box.

However, what makes it different from the other Raspberry Pi kits is the software that comes bundled with it. The Kano OS is an incredible software that teaches a kid about programming, building games, creating music and a lot more a fun way. It is without a doubt that most of us already know about the Raspberry Pi; however, the Kano OS that comes bundled has never been seen on it.

Kano OS has been designed in such a way that it offers few tasks to complete, and awards on a successful completion. When a task is completed, Kano OS offers you badges for accomplishments, and within few minutes it teaches you about using the command line, which is an important tool on most of the Linux operating systems. Raspberry Pi also runs on specially crafted Linux OS.

Kano OS is a perfect choice for kids, not only it teaches them about using and learning about computers, it also helps them surf the Internet and browse websites such as YouTube.

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