Hannah Anderson, the California teenager who a family friend kidnapped, clarified for all some details on Thursday.

Anderson said she and her kidnapper, James Lee DiMaggio had exchanged texts prior to her being kidnapped, but not phone calls, which the police had reported.

She also said the two had written letters to one another about a year ago, when she was having problems with her mother.

DiMaggio kidnapped Hannah earlier this month after he killed both Hannah’s mother and younger brother at his home in rural California near the Mexican border east of San Diego.

According to police search warrants, Anderson and DiMaggio exchanged 13 calls before he picked her up from here cheerleading practice that same day.

However, Anderson during an interview on the Today show said the communications she had with DiMaggio had been texts and not calls. She had been telling DiMaggio where he could pick her up after her practice.

Authorities said that letters from the teen were found in DiMaggio’s home. The 16-year old said the letters had been written last year when she sought DiMaggio’s advice since she was having problems with her mother.

On August 4, DiMaggio kidnapped Hannah after authorities say he killed both her mother Christina who was 44 and her brother Ethan who was just 8.

A Sheriff from San Diego County called Hannah a victim and declined to discuss any possible motive. Investigators have not addressed publically other aspects of the ongoing case, including the reason Christina and her son visited DiMaggio’s home, how Christina and her son were killed, the content of the letters written by Hannah to DiMaggio found in his home and the treatment Hannah had while she had been kidnapped.

Authorities said DiMaggio used a timer in setting the fire at his home where he left the bodies of Christina and Ethan Anderson. The timer gave him a jump of 20 hours on authorities.

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