Lansal Inc which runs the Hot Mama’s Foods is voluntarily recalling more than 14,000 pounds of humus and dip products from the shelves of Trader Joe’s and Target after a routine test found a possible contamination of listeria monocytogenes. The company has asked consumers to throw out the packages or return it to its stores for refund.

The recall statement was issues on May 19 and the US FDA has stated that Lansal , the manufacturer of the product has recalled 14,000 of its dips and humus products after it was found that it could be contaminated by Listeria monocytogenes. The pathogen causes a very serious illness of the Central Nervous system which could manifest as meningoencephalitis, meningitis and brain abscess.

The symptom of listeriosis or infection by Listeria monocytogenes could produce symptoms such as diarrhea, high fever, nausea, stiffness and abdominal pain. Children are more prone to getting infected and so is the geriatrics that has a compromised immune system. Infections in children and the elderly could be fatal. The incidence of listeriosis in pregnant women can induce miscarriage and still birth.

Thankfully there are no reports of anyone getting ill after consuming the products of the company. The potential contamination was unearthed in a routine test conducted by the Texas Department of Health of Target Archer Farms Traditional Hummus.

The products which are going to be recalled include

  • 10-oz. Target Archer Farms Traditional Hummus, 17-oz
  • Target Archer Farms Roasted Garlic with Roasted Garlic Tapenade
  • 17-oz. Target Archer Farms Roasted Red Pepper with Roasted Red Pepper Topping,
  • 8-oz. Giant Eagle Chipotle Hummus
  • 8-oz. Giant Eagle Garlic Hummus (Available in in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland
  • 8-oz. Trader Joe’s Edamame Hummus
  • 11.5-oz. Trader Joe’s 5 Layered Dip
  • 24-oz. Trader Joe’s 5-Layered Dip, large
  • 10-oz. Tryst Yellow Lentil Hummus with Sunflower Seeds & Apricots

The affected products have best use-by dates not later than June 2014.This is the second incidence of recall of food products after Wolverine Packing Co. in Michigan had earlier recalled some of its ground beef products for possible contamination of E.coli.

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