The U.S. will have an election in just three days. On November 6, the people of the U.S. will either reelect incumbent President Barack Obama or elect his challenger Republican Mitt Romney. Both candidates are using their last weekend on the campaign trail to whisk back and forth across the country to visit as many voters as they can.

Both candidates are putting a large amount of importance into the battleground states that could make or break the election for both. Obama’s Saturday schedule consists of stops in Iowa, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin, while Romney will stop off in New Hampshire, Iowa and Colorado. Both men are scheduled to be in the city of Dubuque, Iowa within just a few hours of one another Saturday.

Most of the opinion polls prior to the election have the race as a dead heat, although in many of the battleground states Obama has a slight lead. Political observers have said that as the campaign has come to a close, Obama has gained some momentum leading up to Tuesday’s election.

This past week, Obama was helped by the new jobs report released by the Department of Labor that showed over 171,000 new jobs were added to the economy in October. He also received a boost because of the excellent way in which he handled the aftermath of Hurricane Sally on Monday and Tuesday.

On Friday, Michael Bloomberg the Independent Mayor of New York City endorsed President Obama for president.

One of the key states is Ohio and many political observers have said the state could be the deciding factor in Tuesday’s election. Both candidates will be in the state this weekend and on Friday, Romney hosted his biggest rally of the campaign season when over 18,000 supporters joined him, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and former presidential candidate John McCain.

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