The Islamic State militants who have been using the online video sharing site, YouTube, extensively over the last few months to unleash their propaganda and to showcase their heinous methods of torturing and tormenting their captives have now, in a lasts video, shown captured Kurdish soldiers paraded through Iraqi streets while being cage bound, amid thunderous applause from the crowds that had gathered to watch them.

The video clipping is less than 10 minutes long and shows 21 Kurdish Peshmerga fighters being walked through an Iraqi city. Some of them are being shown as being interviewed. They were all confined to individual cages and not all thrown together or in bunches.

Latest ISIS video shows captured Kurdish fighters paraded through Iraqi streets in cages

The peshmerga are from the semi-autonomous region of Kurdish Iraq. The group had earlier been vocal in opposing the tyrannical rule under the Saddam Hussein’s regime and also supported the U.S.-led effort to topple him.

CNN translated these interviews and stated that most of the ISIS captives said they were from Kirkuk, a city in northern Iraq with strong Kurdish ties.

“The prisoners, under duress, call on their fellow peshmerga soldiers to give up their fight against ISIS,” CNN reports.

“We say to the peshmerga: Leave your jobs, or your fate will be like these, either the cage, or under the ground,” a man says in Kurdish, according to CNN’s translation.

While the video ends without showing any inhuman treatment being meted out to any of the those in the custody of the militants, that is not being ruled out.

Shiraz Maher, a senior fellow at The International Center for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence, tweeted that the video is “not as gory as previous vids.” But asked if the prisoners were murdered, he notes that the “video ends before we see it, but I presume they were, yes.”

While the peshmerga fighters are putting up a valiant front to keep the ISIS militants out of their region, they now seem to be fighting a losing battle.


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