The notorious twitter leak specialist  “evleaks” has yet again done his job by posting what looks like the successor to the first 1080p device on market – HTC J Butterfly( also known as Droid DNA in USA and HTC Butterfly in rest of the world). HTC J Butterfly had one of the best specifications and looks at the time of its release, packing a water resistant body and eye-popping 1080p display. The leaked device, codenamed B2, looks strikingly similar to the predecessor and tipped to come with dual speakers, IP57 certification and Android 4.4.3 OS. The rumored specifications include a 5.2″ QHD 2K resolution, IP57 certification, Snapdragon 805 processor with Adreno 420 Graphics. The device is said to sport similar Onscreen buttons as found in HTC One M8 and come with a 5 MP front facing camera and said to pack a 13 Megapixel rear camera.

HTC B2 Leaked Render

The HTC J Butterfly was highly regarded and critically acclaimed for its top-of-the line specs and stunning looks, but it never materialized to be as successful as it was meant to be, due to a lack of marketing and vague strategy by HTC. Here is hoping that HTC sorts out its issues and push this aggressively across different markets.  If the rumors turn out to be true, we have a very interesting device at hand that will compete with the similar offerings from Samsung and LG.

Company is  expected to announce the new B2 along with the Google Nexus 2014 tablet by HTC by the end of this year. Taiwan smartphone giant has completely redesigned the new Google Nexus tablet in terms of both power and design[Read More] . The rumor that Google has entrusted HTC with their next Nexus tablet has been confirmed by xda-developers as they dug deep into the Android 4.4.3 MR2 change list. Earlier, Myce discovered about the new Nexus tablet codenamed as “Flounder” in the Chromium issue tracker. Google uses fish names (Manta, Tuna, Hammerhead) for its Nexus range and therefore they suspected that “Flounder” must be Nexus 8/9 and they were bang on target. This does not come as a surprise since earlier leaks suggested that Google is  looking to get a “high-end tablet” in the market this summer and who better than the HTC to add a premium touch to its Nexus line-up.

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