A Chinese Internet TV, Leshi TV has released some of the images to tip out information on its upcoming smartphone. However, the images that were posted on the Weibo account by the founder and CEO Jia Yueting are having illustrations that compare Apple Inc to the Hitler.

Chinese Leshi TV calls Apple Inc Hitler in recent Weibo post

The teaser poster for the upcoming rumored smartphone had an image of Hitler in ‘Heil Hitler’ pose and was having an armband with Apple logo on it. Expressing the Cupertino giant as Hitler the company wrote on the poster as, “Crowdsourced freedom vs. arrogance and tyranny.” Clearly, arrogance and tyranny are meant for the closed source iOS and entire Apple Inc ecosystem.

LeTV says that the company is curbing the way smartphone are built, developers aren’t allowed to do whatever they want, instead are restricted within the bounds that curbs the innovation and creativity among them. The accompanying post from the founder and CEO says that the Apple Inc approach to design the smartphones stifles innovation as well as harms the interests of smartphone users.

“Apple’s closed loop mode significantly curbs technological innovation, hinders the industrial progress and hurts the interests of users. Everyone is worshipping Apple,” Jia Yueting said.

The image had an illustration of the Adolf Hitler and few happy kids on the other side. There were few yellow tapes with ‘Caution: Do not cross’ written on them, and two paths telling the different ways to follow. One going towards the Hitler or the Apple, another one going to the happy kids, or we can say the open source.

Apparently, the teaser was all about the differences in between the open source and closed source software and had nothing to do with the Apple’s approach. Other companies, including Microsoft, are also keeping their source code behind the doors but allow the developers to join the platform and develop new technologies.

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