The summer this year has been neither too hot nor too humid and it is the perfect setting for the arrival of a potentially lethal disease caused by a virus in the Bay State.

Mosquito population has been steadily increasing and for the first time it has infected someone with the deadly ‘eastern equine encephalitis’ or the triple E or EEE in Massachusetts.

EEE or Triple E is a dangerous and highly contagious infection and is characterized by inflammation of the brain and a third of the cases are fatal.   The Massachusetts Department of Health has confirmed that sample of a person has been tested positive for EEE, a dangerous viral infection. Mosquitoes are not the only carrier of the virus and birds are the long range carriers of triple E carrying the virus over hundreds of miles. Mosquitoes bite the birds and then bite humans and thus become the local source of infections.

Entomologist Bob Russell of American Pest Solutions said, “Mosquitoes are an unusual insect because bacteria can survive in its gut and then it can be regurgitated or come out in its saliva when it bites, and that’s how you get transmission.”

The best way to avoid Triple E is to avoid mosquito bite. Wearing long sleeves and clothes which exposes minimum body is the best defense.  Avoid wet and dingy areas which can have a large population of mosquitoes.

Dr Catherine Brown, the state public health veterinarian, explained “EEE is an annual occurrence in Massachusetts. These were mammal-biting mosquitoes, and the findings should remind residents of the area to cover up and apply insect repellent when outdoors,”

The town’s risk level has been kept to moderate by the Department Of Public Health.EEE can be termed as a potentially fatal disease and geriatric patients , children , persons with compromised immune system are particularly vulnerable.

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    Let the SPRAYING begin ALL bugs MUST DIE! We need to SPRAY ALL of Mass’ fragile SWAMPS and WETLANDS were these evil blood sucking poisonous KILLERS live and reproduce.

    This is RUBBISH and NOT NEWS! Bought and paid for scare tactics by the chemical companies giving the bought and paid for politicians the yearly green light to SPRAY Mass’ fragile wetlands with deet and other toxic poisons. Killing birds, frogs, fish and animals living there and polluting your ground waters. But hey at least it doesn’t cause earthquakes. How’s that fracking thing going in Mass anyway?


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