The Korean electronics giant, LG is all set to release its first wearable gadget, a smartwatch in coming weeks. Popularly promoted as “G Watch”, LG has released a teaser advertisement to create a buzz in the market of wearable gadgets.

The advertisement is only a 54 second video but leaves a lot of information out about the G Watch from LG that uses Google’s new operating system, Android Wear, specially developed for tech wearables. The G watch will be able to work with other Android powered devices but does not say what versions it will support. The video shows tablets and phones as “connected” devices.

The watch also is touted “light weight”, making consumers wonder how heavy/light will the watch be?

The watch will come in two different color tones. The first, a sleek all black that has a more classy approach. The other color is a white band with a gold outline of the rectangle face, giving customers a more noticeable look. The material used is metal, with LG mentioning in the video as “Metal body for a timeless look”. This is important to note as the new “wearable” market combines fashion and technology to look, and act good to the every day consumer. With a 100 percent metal body, it does not hint at potential leather straps.

The watch is also said to be waterproof. Most companies make a note to say either “water resistant” or “waterproof” and this is very surprising for it to be considered watch proof, meaning it can allow more watch to touch the watch than one would expect.

The Google operating system is also left out in the details of the ad. The images from the teaser website about the LG G watch shows calendar, Google Maps, Google Now and the weather as options but a list of applications has yet to be released for public. The images also show a flight itinerary with a departure time for a flight.


The design aspect of the watch is something worth noting, with a more rectangular screen versus the Moto 360 by Motorola, which has a complete circle. The Moto 360 watch is going to be released this coming summer. There is also no price listed for either watch, with estimates ranging from $175-$300 dollars.

Watch the advertisement video here:

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