CaliforniaRecently, astronomers in Hawaii, Arizona and California discovered an entire planetary system revolving around a nearby star. The astronomers made this discovery using the ground-based telescopes placed in these areas. The star and the planetary system are located at a distance of only 54 light-years.

These three planets recently discovered are much closer to their star as compared to the distance of Mercury from the Sun and complete their orbits in merely 5, 15 and 24 days.

Universe is not expanding as fast as it was earlier thought

The Lick Observatory in California, located at the Mount Hamilton is top to the east of San Jose, in the Diablo Range has confirmed the existence of these three super-earth sized planets. Similarly, astronomers from the Manoa’s the University of Hawaii and the Tennessee State University have also confirmed citing these trio planets.

The astronomers discovered that these planets were pulled gravitationally towards the star. They detected the wobble of the star HD 7924 and then found out the planets that were orbiting it. The Keck and the APF Observatory used Doppler technique for tracing out the path of the orbits followed by the planets since many years. APT confirmed the validity of the planet discoveries by measuring the brightness of HD 7924 star

Years of Research Led to Discovery

The astronomers from all the Universities and Observatories have said that years of research have made this discovery possible. Although these three new planets similar to Earth are very close to our solar system, regular observation of the star and its activities led the way to the final discovery.

At first, scientists were confused whether planets or K-type main sequence stars placed in the Cassiopeia constellation were orbiting the star.

The closer distance of the three planets from their star gives them unprecedented speed due to which they can complete orbiting very fast. The latest APF facility has enabled speed up the faster discovery of planets and stars in the space. APF is a dedicated facility that searches the planets every clear night robotically.

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