NASA has created a library of iconic sounds, which are available on SoundCloud, which is audio-clip sharing service. It has uploaded some of its most famous audio clips from over the years. The United States government agency has uploaded about 60 clips on its new SoundCloud account. NASA stated, “You can hear the roar of a space shuttle launch or Neil Armstrong’s ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’ every time you get a phone call if you make our sounds your ringtone”.

With the likelihood of a massive amount of interest from the public, comments have been disabled. Many of the sounds are also available on the agency’s own website. While the SoundCloud option offers only MP3 versions, there M4R downloads for iPhone users on NASA’s own page. As NASA points out, the M4R sounds need to be downloaded and imported via iTunes. They can’t be played directly from your browser.

Space agency’s account in audio-clip sharing service has proved that it has developed interest in the musical sphere. According to NASA, it is very serious about the music library it has created. The space agency also stated that quotes from President Kennedy will also form a part of its media library. People are allowed to hear the sound tracks for free of cost. As per the statement given by NASA, it is cited as a source in any future projects which make use of the clips. NASA also stated that after some time there will be remixes popping up all over YouTube, or indeed SoundCloud itself.

There are lots of less well-known sounds too. Rocket engine sounds are well covered. There are launch commentaries, classic count-downs, and even speeches from President John F. Kennedy including his momentous “We choose the moon” Apollo 11 announcement. For astronomy die-hards there are fascinating clips of space sounds like Saturn radio emissions from the Cassini mission and, from Voyager, you can listen to lightning on Jupiter as well as interstellar plasma sounds. With “Beeps and Bytes” and J-2X and SLS Test Fires in “Sounds of the Future,” there are plenty of sounds to keep the space fan happy.

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