Brenham, Texas – Blue Bell Creameries, a Texas-based company, recalled all its products from the market after a couple of its chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream indicated presence of listeriosis. According Blue Bell’s chief executive, Paul Kruse, they are still unaware about how the bacteria were introduced to the line of manufacturing. The chief executive further added that this has broken their hearts.


The urgent announcement has made the retailers in 23 states to pull back the Blue Bell ice cream products from their shelves. The warning has been issued to stop the consumers from eating any ice cream from the brand that they may have at their home. The voluntary call was made on Monday night for all the products after one flavor of creameries tested positive for Listeria.

Contaminated Ice Cream Kills Three

It is one of the first of its kind recall from the company and is sure to affect its hold on the ice-cream market. The bacterial foodborne illness was first traced to the Brenham, Texas production line and later on Broken Arrow, Oklahoma reported the contamination.

The recall was also initiated in the wake of death of three people in the Kansas hospital due to eating contaminated Blue Bell ice cream last month.

When five more patients on similar line were admitted in Texas and Kansas, the company did not have any option but to initiate a complete recall of its products. Symptoms of Listeria include nausea, muscle aches, fever, and diarrhea. If not attended immediately, it can prove fatal.

Full Replacement or Refund Assured

According to Sheila Lowrie, Dillon’s spokeswoman, the company is ready to pay back or replace the product and has urged the consumers to check their freezer for the Blue Bell ice cream.

The consumers will get the recall alerts in either of their visits to the Dillon’s when they use their Plus Card. If the consumers have purchased the ice cream using this system, they will receive an automated call from the company.

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