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Today LivingSocial is burning up the internet with this amazing offer of $20 worth of food for only $10! This offer sparked a storm online selling about 115,000 packages per hour! Which according to the companies spokeman Andrew Weinstein, makes this LivingSocial fasters-selling offer in company history. If you think about it, the website is selling over 30 packages every second. Which is simply amazing. “It is a staggering rate,” confirmed Mr. Weinstein.

LivingSocial is planning on selling up to 1 million of the deals. They went up for sale at 5 a.m. ET and was scheduled to run until the same time Wednesday. However, by midday Tuesday about half were gone. Everyone is expecting the deal to sell out early.

The offer is available to anyone who registers for LivingSocial or is an existing member.  This is an amazing offer and a great example of the power of the internet and the people who use it. Do you want to get in on this deal? Get the deal here.