Oregon – The number of herbivores like elephants, rhinos, zebra, gorillas and the other big species in the wild is dwindling day by day. These animals were found in large number in lion’s zones and today, there is none. This, according to a latest study, might lead to barren landscape in the future due to the non-existence of wildlife, and this truly is a concerning proposition.


It is believed that 60% of the herbivore population which includes elephants, chimpanzees, rhinos, etc. would get extinct in the near future.

“I thought that habitat changes were the main reasons for the extinction and endangerment of these large herbivore species,” said Prof. William Ripple, who is in the Oregon State University. “However, hunting and poaching by the humans is one main reason for this apart from habitat change and that has surprised us more. These are like twin threats that we have to fight against to prevent their extinction.”

Science Advances published a report claiming that the number of as many as 74 herbivore species has declined due to hunting and poaching in many parts of the world along with the loss of their habitat.

Prof. Ripple, the lead author of this study, was quoted saying, “this is the first time that anyone has actually studied these species as a whole. The huge decline in their numbers is causing a barren landscape in the grasslands, savannah, forests and even deserts.” Herbivores above the weight of 100 kg from reindeer to African elephants were analyzed by the researchers in this study.

Prof. David of Oxford University who was very excited with the findings said, “The big carnivores like tigers and lions face horrifying problems from over hunting, poaching and habitat loss, but this new study adds something new to our previous studies. There is no use of having a habitat that has nothing in it to eat!”

Researchers while talking about the decline in the number of herbivores said that reasons like loss of habitat, hunting for skin and meat and other reason are behind it.

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