Disneyland – According to a new research Disneyland has been identified as the state where measles outbreak and spread is on the rise. This has been blamed on the parents who may have failed to take their kids for vaccination which is seen as a risk to many other unvaccinated people.

It is suspected that only 50 – 86% have received the vaccination in major US cities the likes of Arizona, California and Illinois. The percentage is said to be way below the expected 96 – 99% and commonly referred by the researchers as the “herd community”.

The outbreak which began on 28th December 2014 and spread like bushfire has brought down close to 142people according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is to be blamed largely on the sub –standard rates of vaccination for the measles. 35 of the affected people are said to be Orange County residents within the seven US states.

Low vaccination rates leads to the outbreak of Measles

The implications of the outbreak have been described to be very simple. The researchers said that the current vaccinations rates are not are not within the threshold that can sustain the herd community. This means the bigger population of the American is at risk.

However the Public Health Officials are said to be keeping track of the vaccination rates. To justify this,the state Department of Public Health has reported that at least 92.6 percent of kindergarten students have since received two doses of the MMR vaccine.

The question now is; why would the researchers take the trouble to carry out this research? Disneyland is known to be a major tourist destination. However no one can claim that the overall vaccination rate has been achieved hence the need to use the mathematical modeling aspect which to many researchers, it is likely to produce clearer results compared to a Government Agency or even an Individual.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the side effects of the vaccination are very mild unless for very rare cases where children may get severe allergic reactions.

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