On one hand, President Obama has good news knowing the vast majority of registered Hispanic voters like him over his challenger Mitt Romney by a margin of more than 3 to 1. Hispanics voters are also more and more satisfied with the direction the country is taking and their own personal finances.

However, there is bad news as well. Hispanics are thinking less and are less certain about the upcoming election than the rest of the general population, regarding whether they will actually vote in November. That is not the type of news Obama wants to hear from a group that historically has not met its potential when it comes to voter turnout.

These results come from a survey recently completed by the Pew Research Center that found Obama is doing even better than he did in 2008 with Hispanics when he took 69% of the Hispanic vote compared to John McCain’s 31%. However, although in the overall general population 89% of voters say they will vote in the election only 77% of Hispanics who are registered say they are certain they will vote.

Additionally, over 70% of all registered voters who were surveyed said that they had thought about the election quite a bit, but only 61% of registered Hispanics said they had done the same.

However, the percentage of Hispanic voters that have said they are sure they will vote is substantially higher this year than the 51% who said they were certain to vote during the elections in 2010.

Among the Hispanic registered voters who said they are 100% certain they will vote on November 6, Obama leads Romney 72% to 22%. Among those Hispanic registered voters who said they might cast a ballot in the upcoming election, Obama leads Romney 66% to 20%.


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