The new style of molecular creation using the new molecule-making machine according to Chemists at the Univ. of Illinois is expected to make everything fast and flexible. Besides, it will be accessible to everyone and the fact that it is an automated process gives it the potentiality of more speed.

“Our aim was to make a very complex process all simple since it is within simplicity that broader discovery and automation that we shall achieve substantial power of putting together molecules to those who are not specialists”. This was said by Burke, a career scientist of Howard Hughes Medical Institute.


Small molecules are considered very important in medicine. They have the largest portion in combination of any medication. The molecules are also key items in other technologies such as the solar cells and the LEDS.

However, it is unbelievable that the same molecules cannot be made in a lab. Initially, a well-trained chemist had to spend many years in figuring out how to make even one before even being explored for functionality purposes. This was considered a slowdown in development of any medication that was based on small molecules.

Burke has not hesitated to indicate that the slowness is still being experience. He says that the barrier to synthesis is so high. With this this, Burke and his team is trying to analyze a situation of simplifying something so complex to the benefit of everyone. They will use the strategy of break down the complex molecules into smaller building blocks which will be easy to resemble later on.

The chemical building blocks can be stitched together and have the same connector piece. However, the team has devised a simple catch-and-release method whereby one block will be added to another at a time. The excess will be rinsed away before another block is added.

Burke’s research is expected to yield a significant advance that will help in making the making of the small molecule synthesis more effective, supple and accessible.

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