A new study shows that sexual violence is not just common among humans, but among chimps too. Scientists have discovered that male chimps get violent towards the females for a sexual coercion. Researchers from Arizona State conducted a research in the field and noticed how the male chimpanzees impregnate the female ones. Even females look out for violent males during mating season.

“This signifies that males, particularly those of high rank, effectively use a technique of long-term sexual bullying,” says Ian Gilby, an assistant professor at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change and Research affiliate with the Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University. The researchers have stated in previous studies that male chimps have been often found to be bullying around the females and further taking it forward to sexual coercion.


Gilby also states that, “We should take care not to jump to conclusions. Chimps are among our nearest living relatives, but seven million years of evolution separate us, and our mating systems are not the same. Nonetheless, realizing the adaptive worth of male-female aggression in chimps might certainly allow us to know, and hopefully prevent, similar behavior among humans.”


In the studies which researchers have been carrying out in the past, it was never observed that the females are being impregnated, which this fresh study has now proven. The researchers have carried out observations for around 17 years now, and have done the DNA testing in 31 new born chimpanzees and lead to the conclusion that they have been born to those chimps who have been bullying around. They thus have found out that they bully the females to produce more and more offspring. Violence is thus very common among them as males are dominant and force sex upon the females. However even the females have a desire for aggressive male, the study states.

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