A man in Tunisia set himself ablaze on Tuesday only hours before legislators in the country were to have a vote on a new central government that has been entrusted by voters to pull the country from its deep political crisis. The event recalled Mohamed Bouazizi, whose death started a revolt in the country that reverberated throughout the Arab world.

The man who set himself ablaze yelled out prior to doing so that he was selling cigarettes on the street because of being unemployed. Witnesses said that bystanders and security forces attempted to put out the flames. The man was then rushed to a nearby hospital.

Emergency room personnel as the medical center said the man was not in danger of losing his life, but that he suffered third degree burns to his back and head. The man was identified as Adel Khadri, who is 27 and hails from the town of Jenbdouba in northern Tunisia. The area is extremely poor said authorities.

One member of the government attributed the young man’s action to his situation economically. The member of the Interior ministry said the man arrived in Tunis only a couple of months ago, was very fragile, broken psychologically and because of that he set himself ablaze.

The Bouazizi incident took place in December of 2010. The street vendor died from injuries he sustained after he set himself on fire after police had confiscated his cart. His fate started protests throughout the country that eventually ended in the overthrow of the government that had been autocratic.

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