According to the Maryland State Police, Trooper Joshua Kim saved the life of a man who was poised to commit suicide by jumping off of a 90-foot bridge.

Trooper Joshua Kim’s rescue of the man was caught on film by his dashboard camera. The footage features Kim tackling a man who looks like he is just about to jump off the Millard E. Tydings Memorial Bridge in Port Deposit.

“The man kind of waved goodbye and Trooper Kim acted immediately, without hesitation, and rescued him from making that jump,” said Maryland State Police spokeswoman Elena Russo. “This man could have easily taken him over the side of the bridge with him.”

If the man had jumped, it would have almost definitely resulted in death, as the bridge is some 90 feet over the Susquehanna River. But, luckily, Kim and his high school football experience allowed him to tackle the man and bring him to safety.

“If I went high, he would just bring me down with him,” said Kim. “I got really low. I put all my body weight basically under the wall itself. And that way he couldn’t bring me over.”

Trooper Kim said that the man was taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation, and that he was grateful Kim had saved his life.

“On the way to the hospital, he thanked me. He apologized,” Kim explained. “He talked to me. He basically poured out why he was doing it. He’s been having family issues, some health problems.”

Below is the dashboard camera’s footage of 24-year-old Maryland State Trooper Joshua Kim rescuing the unidentified man from fatally jumping over the Millard E. Tydings Memorial Bridge.


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