Mattel is working with Google to re-introduce the View-Master into the present era. The toy company is seeking to market its originally 1939 device with some technological advancement in the 21st century. The toy company will now deploy smartphones and virtual reality technology to modernize the 75 years old toy. The new product will be priced at $30.

In 1939, Mattel had introduced the View-Master as a binocular 3D virtual reality headset. It worked on the simple principle that used thin cardboard disks that contained stereoscopic images. These discs were inserted into a plastic device that enabled users to peep through a viewfinder. However, the company has now partnered with Google to enable the static images viewer a new approach. The device will now be capable of providing users a 360-degree view of animated environments. The goal is achieved by using the Android smartphones, which will replace the static images discs. Nevertheless, the children’s toy will still sport the same red plastic body look that it had originally in 1939.

Mattel and Google partner to introduce a modernized version of the1939 View-Master

The company has designed a custom Mattel app for the View-Master. Nevertheless, the toy will also be compatible with Google’s Cardboard, a low-end virtual reality headset. The company is also planning to sell separate reels for providing users an augmented reality environment experience. These reels need to be detected by the users’ smartphones and feature subjects like Solar System, Dinosaur Adventure, and San Francisco. The El-Segundo-based toy manufacturer also plans to reintroduce some of the reels from its archive for the new View-Master. These reels can be purchased at an additional cost of $15.

With the low-end virtual reality headset, Google is gearing itself up to compete with the high-end products that its rivals are planning to launch. The race is joined by Sony, Oculus VR and Samsung, which will soon introduce the Gear VR.

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