In a bid to boost its sales in U.S and counter public perception that it serves unhealthy food/burgers with worms in its beef, McDonald’s Corp. (MCD:US) has decided to start a Q&A campaign. The spokespersons would be found taking uneasy questions from Americans via social-networking sites, and delivering “honest answers”. The company has previously run similar campaigns in Canada and Australia.

McDonald’s Food Campaign

We’re starting on a journey called ‘Our Food. Your Questions,’ and we want to open up the doors and let our customers ask us any questions they have, and give them answers,” company director of quality systems Rickette Collins said.

The corporation believes the campaign started by it offers a real way of engaging with customers more directly. No matter, how difficult the questions are, McDonald’s intends to answer them in right spirit. It should be remembered, McDonald’s has failed to get a warm reception on social media. Earlier this year, McDonald’s drew ridicule on social networks for a toothy Happy Meal mascot. In addition, the brand was also targeted by some creative viral videos, such as one showing a McNugget under a microscope.

Although McDonald’s understands venturing into social media can be risky for it again, it draws positive from earlier incidents and believes the idea of being open and giving answers via campaigns as similar to this one makes the Mega Corporation more approachable, if it wants to keep up with changing tastes.

Some of the videos running shots of reporters asking questions to the burger makers at the facility are doing rounds on the Internet. The campaign, also marks a dramatic step to bring more transparency to how the food is made at the facility.

To a question that McDonald’s burgers rot early in a day or two, the official responds, McDonald’s burgers stay in tact after several weeks or even years. On its webpage, McDonald’s says that’s likely because the food has dehydrated, and that food needs moisture to form mold.

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