BUFFALO, N.Y. – Women may spend hours in front of the mirror, but it is men who are more narcissistic, a new study revealed. A team of researchers at the University of Buffalo came out with an interesting revelation that men are more self-obsessed than their female counterparts.

The study conclusions are based on test data set of psychological and personality traits of men for over 31 years of narcissism research, which showed that men scored constantly higher than women in self-admiration. The term ‘Narcissistic’ is borrowed from the Greek mythology, which mentions about the magnificent beauty of a hunter named Narcissus. However, the term is commonly used for women than men in the real world.

Men score consistently higher than women in showing narcissistic trait University of Buffalo

Narcissism is a term often used to describe physical appearance but it is attached to the people having flaws such as ego, aggression and unethical behaviour, highlighted Emily Grijalva, who led the study. She added that there are some good points too are attached with narcissistic, which is high self-esteem, emotional stability and quality of leadership.

Researchers gathered the information from nearly 355 articles, dissertations, surveys and manuscripts, where they weeded out the gender disparities in their study. The obtained information was then divided into three forms of narcissism, namely, extreme self-interest, grandiosity and exhibitionism, and entitlement. The last category, that is, entitlement witnessed the largest gender disparity, implying that men have little uneasiness in exploiting others and taking benefit of the male privilege.

Grijalva said that the study will aid in getting an in-depth understanding of gender gaps in the arrived outcomes. She added that individuals learn gender roles while growing and face adverse reaction from the society for deviating from the set standards. However, Grijalva said that women tend to face harsher criticism than men for aggression or authoritative attitude and are forced to clamp down their narcissistic actions.

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